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The Lover, In Depth at Four Moons Spa

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It’s Springtime.

Lighten up. Laugh more. Be present and enjoy the sounds, smells, tastes, colors and feelings of the life you’ve created around you. Play more. Nourish and delight your soul with things that bring you joy. Be alive in all your senses.

All of these are the golden qualities of our inner Lover — she lives within every Divine woman. And Mary Oliver so beautifully penned it right that “you only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.”

Instead, many of us find our inner Lover in her shadow, more than in her light. We are stressed all the time, constantly projecting into the future or dwelling on the past. We struggle to take time for ourselves, our bodies, our own mental clarity, our spiritual practices. We find ourselves saying yes to everyone else all the time, leaving no sacred space for ourselves.

These are the shadow qualities of our inner Lover — these surface when she is dormant, out of balance or under nourished.

Journey with us in this in-depth, ceremonial workshop curated to revitalize your inner Divine Lover and gently remove the blocks that would keep you from making your softness, joy and pleasure a priority.

This one of a kind workshop is complete with great music, cleansing breath work, original movement methods, powerful visualizations, and in depth teaching on the aspects of your inner Lover (get ready for some magical time travel!).

You will learn both the light and shadow sides of the Lover and how to integrate and balance them for optimal happiness. We will close with a custom Ayurvedic delicacy representing The Lover + take-away journal integration time.

Each participant will also get the opportunity to shop the dress line, Divine Feminine, before + after the event.



"Like the flower gives a fragrance, give yourself a chance, just a chance, to trust yourself, love yourself, and be yourself." - Yogi Bhajan