Dressing the Modern Goddess
the lover.png
Divine Feminine_Lover_02.jpg


Mantra:  "My softness is my strength."

Element: Air

The Lover knows the power of being fully engaged in the softness of her senses - sight, touch, smell, taste and sound. She reminds us not to take life too seriously, and helps us relax and enjoy simple pleasures. Joy is a special wisdom, and the Lover knows how to be light of heart, rich in gratitude, and deeply present.

Divine Feminine Warrior Dress
Divine Feminine_Warrior_02.jpg
the warrior.png


Mantra:  "I am Powerful."

Element: Fire

The Warrior exudes strength from her core. She reminds us that we've got what it takes and helps us lean into challenges going beyond our comfort zone. Boundaries, fierceness, stamina and passion come from The Warrior. She knows how truly powerful she is.

Divine Feminine Sage Dress
the sage.png
Divine Feminine_Sage_02.jpg
Divine Feminine Sage Dress


Mantra:  "I have something to give."

Element: Water

The Sage is a wise woman who draws from her deeper understanding to engage the world around her. She is the healer, the teacher, the community builder.  A guiding light for other women, The Sage generously gives her unique gifts and voice to those in her tribe.

Divine Feminine Queen Dress
Divine Feminine_Queen_02.jpg
the queen.png


Mantra:  "My intuition is guiding the way."

Element: Earth

The Queen is a visionary, always holding in her mind's eye the big picture of how she wants her life to unfold. She is the embodiment of creativity and intentional living.  In her light, she knows how to share the stage with other strong women, make decisions, and lead with grace, peace and clarity.

the slip.png
Divine Feminine_Slip_02.jpg
Divine Feminine Slip Dress


Mantra:  "I am in touch with my body."

Elements: All

The simplicity of the Slip dress instantly connects you to your own skin. Minimal and luxurious, it reminds us of our curves and what it means to be a woman. The Slip embraces what is without illusion, the softness of your body - at home and at ease with yourself.