Dressing the Modern Goddess

The Divine Feminine collection was born from a week of a silent retreat by Founder Jenn Mellon. The vision for the brand and design details became crystal clear within a matter of a few days. It was three years from that week before she met Ana Puello, who became the Co-Founder. And with no previous formal training, the two together would finally create their collection of goddess dresses. The dress line— each style aptly named for the powerful aspects that lie within every woman— allows women to feel beautiful and confident, effortlessly expressing their Divine Feminine nature.

As the collection evolved, the pair was inspired to develop a ceremonial workshop, curated to empower women of all ages to connect with and activate their inner Queen, Warrior, Sage and Lover. In tandem with showcasing their collection, the pair presents a one of a kind experience, using breath work, original movement methods, archetypal teaching, energy work and meditations.

All of the dresses are designed in Laguna Beach, CA and are crafted mindfully by a seamstress they now call their friend in Downtown Los Angeles. They strive to be ethical and sustainable in all their business practices.

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Jennifer Mellon was in the fashion industry for 14 years as a model, and then ran a modeling agency for several years until going into business with her husband — an all-around artist and the amazing photographer who shoots architecture and interiors, as well as all of the Divine Fem collections! She is a mom to two beautiful daughters, also both artists.

Jenn is trained in Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Method + has facilitated personal and group sessions for the past seven years, hosting women in her back yard tipi. She studied the feminine archetypes (that inspired each dress style) with Sagefire Institute + is an implementer of The Work of Byron Katie and Jungian dream analysis. 


Born and raised on Dominican Republic soil, Ana Puello moved to the US when she was a senior in high school. In just 3 years, she taught herself the English language and graduated from an American high school with honors. Soon thereafter, she made her way to Los Angeles, where she worked for Elizabeth Taylor and others in the jewelry industry for 10 years.

In 2012, Ana took a new direction and became a certified Kundalini yoga instructor and still practices daily.  She expounded on her love of healing foods and became certified from Seven Centers Yoga Arts in Ayurvedic cooking and healing techniques. Her one of a kind movement method was created to gently unlock energetic blocks + awaken the graceful power of the Feminine.


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